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Where to buy your Townsville Solar and why?


You have to put your focus on the big 4 when buying Solar Power Townsville. Panel Specs, Inverter Specs, Racking and Installation Quality. We aim to show you the simple way to buy solar for your home or business in Townsville. We ensure the most important parts of a Solar Installation are of the highest quality and provide the best options at an affordable price. Don’t pay for company’s big fancy offices and flash cars, as often more expensive systems don’t come with even a shred of extra quality or service.


On the other hand, don’t rush into bargain basement crappy solar systems either. At Barra Solar Power we stay down to earth, cost-effective and committed to giving you great value for money at a fair price.  Barra Solar Townsville is owned and operated by Townsville Locals James Laycock and his Family. With over 50 years of combined experience, James and our team are the go-to guys for anything Solar and Off-Grid. We aim to help you reduce energy costs and improve your comfort and way of life. James and his team source their Solar Panels and Equipment from local suppliers, which keeps the profits local and creates jobs in the community. We are not pushy salespeople, thats a game we refuse to play. Come to the team of electricians that sell Solar in the Townsville Region. At a cost to our bottom line, we have always used the highest-grade electrical components in our projects and the best app in the market as standard. We believe in our products and stand by our installation quality with the gold standard 10-year installation warranty. Contact us today for a no-pressure, free quote.


James Laycock, Director

Licensed Electrician, Licensed Solar Panel and Battery Installer.


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Trusted Townsville Solar Installers

Barra Solar Power is a pillar of the Townsville community, championing the adoption of sustainable energy solutions. Our deep roots in the region have shaped our approach to service:



With years dedicated to serving the Townsville community, our understanding of the specific needs and preferences of our clients is unparalleled. This rich experience means we can anticipate challenges and offer solutions even before they become evident.


Adaptation to Local Conditions

Every region has its unique solar energy potential and challenges. We’ve tailored our offerings to best suit Townsville’s climate and seasonal variations, ensuring optimal energy harvest throughout the year.


End-to-end Engagement

 From initial consultation to regular maintenance, our commitment doesn’t end with the installation. We believe in fostering lasting relationships, ensuring you always have a trusted partner for your solar needs.

Quality Solar Installer

Quality Solar Installation

Site Analysis

Before any installation, we conduct a thorough site analysis. This allows us to determine the best positioning for your solar panels, considering factors such as shading, tilt angles and building structure.


Safety Protocols

Every step of our installation process adheres to rigorous safety standards. Our technicians undergo regular training to ensure they’re up to date with the latest safety protocols and technologies.


Seamless Integration

A solar installation should not detract from the aesthetics of your property. We take great care in ensuring that the solar systems are integrated neatly, preserving and often enhancing the visual appeal of your premises.

High Quality Solar System

High Quality Solar Systems

Quality equipment is the cornerstone of an efficient solar solution

Top-tier Manufacturers

We only source our solar systems from reputable manufacturers known for their emphasis on quality, durability and innovation. This ensures that you receive a product that’s built to last and perform.


Continuous Upgradation

The solar industry is rapidly evolving. We stay ahead of the curve by continuously updating our product offerings, ensuring you benefit from the latest in solar technology.


Efficiency and Durability

Our solar systems are not just about immediate performance but also about sustained efficiency over the years. By choosing high-quality systems, we ensure that the performance of your solar panels remains consistent over time.

10 Year Warranty Picture

10 Year Workmanship Warranty

Our warranty is a testament to our confidence in our Team

Separate to your Warranty on Panels (Usually 25 Years) and Inverter (Usually 10-15 Years) we offer 10 Years of Assurance on our Workmanship, the Gold Standard and more than enough time to expose any installation issues.  Our extensive 10-year installation warranty underpins our commitment to long-lasting performance. It’s not just about fixing potential issues, but about ensuring that your solar system consistently delivers optimal results.


Proactive Maintenance

Under our warranty, we don’t just wait for issues to arise. We proactively conduct routine checks and maintenance to ensure everything is functioning as it should.


Customer Support

Should you have any concerns or queries during the warranty period, our dedicated customer support team is readily available. We believe in clear, transparent communication, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Optional Monitoring

Stay Informed With Optional Extra Monitoring

Firstly, the app that comes included with your Inverter at no extra cost is pretty amazing these days. If you’re someone that wants more understanding of your solar system’s in depth performance, an upgrade to our Catch Power System might be for you. Ask us about Catch Power today!

Real-time Insights

Monitor your solar energy generation and consumption in real-time, providing clarity on system performance and potential energy savings.


Detailed Reports

Beyond real-time data, receive comprehensive reports that analyse your solar system’s performance over time.


Easy Access

With the Catch Power app, all this data is available at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed decisions about your energy use.

Best Brands, Fantastic Service & Right Price

What are our customers Saying?

We will deliver quality services at the best price.

Our team of local electricians, apprentices, and admin staff are committed to your satisfaction and are always here to help. We take pride in our work and want to ensure that you receive the best possible service. Our monitoring system provides real-time savings and allows you to track your power use and generation, ensuring maximum savings.

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Why Choose Barra Solar Power?

Choosing the right solar provider is a significant decision. Here are a few reasons to rely on Barra Solar Power for your needs:


Local Expertise

We are deeply rooted in Townsville, understanding the unique solar needs of the clients. Our experience in both grid-connected and off-grid solar solutions ensures we cater to a wide range of requirements.


Tesla Accredited

Our Tesla accreditation signifies more than just a badge of honour; it’s a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering top-tier solar solutions.

Financial Flexibility

We offer easy finance options, making solar solutions more accessible. This allows homeowners and businesses to invest in solar without the burden of immediate financial strain.

10-Year Installation Warranty

We stand firmly behind the quality of our workmanship. It means in the rare event of any issues arising due to the installation process, our team will address and rectify them quickly.

Post-Installation Support

We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. After each installation, we ensure you have a clear understanding of how to best utilise solar power.

In essence, choosing Barra Solar Power means opting for expertise, quality, financial flexibility and unparalleled customer support.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the right solar system for my needs in Townsville?

When determining the ideal solar system for your needs, it’s important to assess your current and future energy consumption, consider the size and orientation of your roof and set a budget. The choice between grid-connected or off-grid systems and the warranties offered on products and installation also play important roles. Our team at Barra Solar Power always stays updated with the latest trends and provides suggestions for the best-value solar options available. Consult with us to make an informed decision that aligns with both your energy needs and budget.

At Barra Solar Power, we suggest only the best for our clients. Our recommended middle-range solar panels stand out in the market with a power capacity of 415 watts. But what truly sets them apart is the impressive 25-year warranty, which ensures your investment is protected for years to come. Moreover, these panels boast excellent efficiency, which means you can expect optimal energy production and savings on your utility bills.

An inverter is an important component of any solar system, converting the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) that can be used in your home. Our top recommendation is the Sungrow inverter. Depending on your needs, you can opt for capacities ranging from 5 to 10 kW. This inverter is known for its performance and comes with a 10-year product warranty, offering you added peace of mind.

Monitoring your solar system’s performance is important to ensure you’re maximising your energy production and savings. We understand this and offer an optional extra monitoring service for our systems. Connect with our team to get more details about the service.

Grid-connected and off-grid solar systems serve the same primary purpose—to generate electricity using solar energy—but they operate differently and cater to varying needs. A grid-connected solar system, as the name suggests, is connected to the local electricity grid. It allows you to feed any excess electricity you generate back into the grid.


Conversely, an off-grid solar system operates independently of the local electricity grid. It typically requires a more comprehensive setup, including battery storage, to store excess power. Off-grid systems are ideal for remote locations where accessing grid power might be challenging or costly.