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OFF GRID SYSTEM (4.1 - 12.3 kWh)

The RedEarth Off-Grid Solution – BlackMax is the perfect solution for anyone seeking a sustainable lifestyle or who lives in a rural location without access to grid power. Barra Solar Power, the Townsville RedEarth Off-Grid Solutions partner, can help you use this all-in-one integrated power standalone system. The RedEarth Off-Grid Solution – BlackMax Solar Power System has been designed to cater to a wide range of daily power requirements, from a minimum of 2kWh/day to more than 10kWh/day. If you’re looking for a reliable and sustainable energy solution, look no further than the RedEarth Off-Grid Solution – BlackMax Solar Power System.




  • 5kW peak inverter – 10kW surge
  • 3 battery capacity
  • IP53 outdoor rated
  • Auto Gen start feature
  • Info display
  • PLUG ‘n PLAY
  • STC eligible
  • 50kg + 45kg per battery
  • 102(h) x 73(w) x 49(d) CM
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty
  • 5 Year Product Warranty

Package Including Solar System

From $13,950*

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HYBRID SYSTEM (4.1 - 31.95kWh)

Available in Single Phase or 3 PH

The RedEarth Off-Grid Solution SunRise unit is designed with long-term reliability in mind, boasting a storage capacity of 4.1 to 31.95kWh. This means it can easily support the daily energy needs of the average home.

The SunRise is a stylish and customisable unit that can be non-invasively installed within or outside the home. With the ability to be upgraded to five times the energy storage compared to the industry standard, the SunRise is perfect for those who want to reduce their power bills and be self-sufficient in energy.

For those looking for a reliable off-grid solution, Barra Solar Power is the perfect partner. As a Townsville RedEarth Off-Grid Solution partner, we offer the SunRise unit which can help you say goodbye to bill shock. With the ability to use your own solar power at night, you’ll never have to worry about blackouts again.

Starting small and expanding as your needs grow is made easy with the SunRise. You can add batteries later as your budget allows, and integrate new technology as it becomes available. With the capacity to store up to 26kWh of battery single phase and up to 50.4kwh three phase, the RedEarth Off-Grid Solution SunRise will keep you powered for days without mains electricity. Whether you use existing or new solar panels, the SunRise is the perfect solution for a future-proof energy source



  • 5kW Hybrid Sungrow inverter
  • *10kw Hybrid Sungrow inverter in (3PH)
  • 6.6kW of max PV (for STC’s)
  • *13.2kW Hybrid Sungrow inverter (3PH)
  • 3kVa EPS output
  • *10kVa EPS output (3PH)
  • DC or AC coupled
  • IP44 outdoor rated
  • PLUG ‘n PLAY
  • RedEarth Remote 4G Monitoring
  • 50kg + 45kg per battery
  • MINI: 104(h) x 67(w) x 55(d) CM
  • MAXI: 104(h) x 97(w) x 55(d) CM
  • CEC approved Australian Made BESS
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty
  • 10 year RedEarth warranty
  • * Available in Three Phase

Package Including Solar System

From $14,950*

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OFF GRID SYSTEM (12.3 - 32.8kWh)

RedEarth Off-Grid Solution is the answer to reliable and dependable power in remote and rural areas. Our range of products, including the Honey Badger range, are designed to operate off the grid or on the fringe of it with ease. Farmers and agricultural producers, who cannot afford blackouts, trust our systems to power their farmsteads and rural businesses.

Say goodbye to bill shock and power failures with RedEarth Off-Grid Solution. Start small with our solar power system and add batteries as your needs grow. The standalone battery system is weatherproof and manages multiple power sources and batteries to optimise power generation. As new technology becomes available, integrate it into your system with ease.

RedEarth Off-Grid Solution offers an affordable and scalable solution to power your large residential lots, farmsteads and rural businesses. No more blackouts and no more bill shock. Get back-up power when you need it most with RedEarth Off-Grid Solution. Invest in a proven, weatherproof and reliable power solution today!



  • 5kVa inverter – 10kVa surge
  • 10kVa inverter – 20kVa surge
  • IP53 outdoor rated
  • Auto Gen start feature
  • PLUG ‘n PLAY
  • Earth Fault Alarm included
  • 12V Gen Battery Charger
  • STC eligible
  • RedEarth Remote 4G monitoring
  • 185kg + 45kg per battery
  • 168(h) x 92(w) x 65(d) CM
  • 10 year RedEarth warranty
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty

Package Including Solar System

From $29,950*

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ON & OFF GRID (16.4 - 57.4kWh)

The DropBear is an all-in-one power system for your home. RedEarth’s DropBear can be installed in any sheltered area or outdoors.

It can be monitored by the customer and optionally by RedEarth to ensure continuous operation. It uses the highest quality components that are easily serviced anywhere in Australia.

Get Power of Freedom. The electricity that you generate & own.  No more blackouts! Get backup power in case of a power failure.  Start small and add batteries later as your needs grow and your budget allows. Integrate new tech as it becomes available.

A proven standalone battery system that manages multiple power source loads and batteries to optimise power generation.  Use Townsville RedEarth Off Grid Solutions today!

  • Selectronic Cert. Fronius PV inverters
  • Single & 3 Phase available
  • Up to 2X PV inverter to Selectronic
  • AC coupled
  • Auto Gen Start Feature
  • 12V Gen battery Charger
  • PLUG ‘n PLAY
  • 10 year RedEarth warranty
  • IP40 indoor rated
  • AS4777 compliant for grid connect
  • RedEarth Remote 4G Monitoring
  • 200kg + 45kg per battery
  • 220(h) x 154(w)x 56(d) CM
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty

Price on Application

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See your energy productions and savings live on an app.

Barra Solar Power monitoring

When you choose a solar system with Barra Solar Power, you will receive access to our monitoring system which shows real dollars and cents savings in an easy to use app.

The app can be used on your phone or computer and by all members of your family. Power consumption graphs can show you the best times of day to use your appliances and helps you get the most savings out of your new solar power system.

Optional Monitoring

Discover exceptional solar and electrical services with Barra Solar Power, your trusted Townsville specialist. Founded in 2013, our mission is to provide high-quality renewable energy solutions to the local community. With over two decades of experience as an electrician, our founder James Laycock is passionate about helping families increase comfort and reduce bills through solar power.


At Barra Solar Power, we understand the importance of providing top-notch services and products. That’s why we only offer the best quality solar panels, inverters, and batteries suited to the unique climate of Townsville. Our team comprises local electricians, apprentices, and admin staff, all committed to your satisfaction and our business’s continued growth and training.


All our team are here to help you!


James Laycock, Director

Licensed Electrician, Licensed Solar Panel and Battery Installer.


What types of off-grid systems do you offer?

At Barra Solar Power, we offer a range of off-grid solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients in Townsville. One of our notable offerings is the “RedEarth Off Grid Solutions”, which is designed to provide reliable power in various settings. These solutions are especially beneficial for those in remote areas or those seeking greater energy independence. For more specific details on the types of systems we offer, it’s best to consult with our team or visit our dedicated off-grid solutions page.

Determining the right off-grid system for your needs involves assessing your current and future energy consumption, considering the size and orientation of your property and setting a budget. It’s also important to decide between grid-connected or off-grid systems and understand the warranties offered on products and installation. Our team at Barra Solar Power is well-versed in the latest trends and can provide suggestions for the best-value solar options available, helping you make an informed decision. Reach out to our experts at Barra Solar Power today and let us guide you on your solar journey!

Yes, off-grid solutions are designed to provide reliable power in various conditions, including extreme weather. With the right system size, battery storage capacity and quality components, homes and businesses in Townsville can enjoy uninterrupted power even when the grid is down or during adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, these systems are tailored to withstand the unique climatic challenges of Townsville which can ensure consistent energy supply regardless of external factors.

Like all electrical systems, off-grid solutions do require periodic maintenance to help ensure ideal performance and longevity. However, solar panels and battery storage systems are generally low-maintenance. Regular inspections by professionals, cleaning of solar panels and checking the battery health are some of the routine tasks to keep the system running efficiently. Additionally, periodic updates and system checks can further enhance the system’s resilience and adaptability to changing environmental conditions.

Absolutely. Off-grid systems can be integrated with existing electrical infrastructure in most properties. This seamless integration means your property can have the best of both worlds: the reliability of the grid and the independence of solar power. This allows homeowners and businesses to switch between the grid and their off-grid system as needed, providing flexibility and ensuring continuous power supply. Moreover, this approach might lead to significant savings on electricity bills and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.

At Barra Solar Power, safety and reliability are our top priorities. We use high-quality components, adhere to strict installation standards and offer a 10-year installation warranty. Moreover, our accreditation showcases our commitment to delivering quality solar solutions. In the rare event of any issues due to the installation process, our team is on hand to address and correct them promptly. Ready to harness the power of the sun? Contact us today to get started on your solar journey.